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Book Publications 

Globalization and the Politics of Institutional Reform in Japan (Edward Elgar, March 2016)

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Games of Conflict and Cooperation in Asia (Springer, March 2017) (edited with Akira Okada) 

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Journal Publications

Japan’s Structural Reform in the Age of Economic Globalization.” In The Politics of Structural Reforms, edited by Hideko Magara and Sacchi, Elgar, 2013, pp. 89-125.

“The Politics of Coordination and Miscoordination in the United States-Japan Alliance,” International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 10:3 (September 2010), pp. 491-51.

“Between Bilateralism and Multilateralism: The Institutional Politics of Trade Liberalization in East Asia,”

Kyoto Journal of Law and Politics 3(1): pp.63-80.

“Internationalism and Nationalism in Modern Japan,” Il Politico 218:2, 2008, pp. 143-158, Italy.

“Determinants of Multiparty Competition under Japan’s Parallel Electoral System,” Kyoto

Journal of Law and Political Science 2, 2005, pp. 1-19.

“Distributional Problems, Strategic Delay, and International Cooperation,” Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University, 1998, pp. 55-70.

“The Use of the Encompassing Principle to Resolve Empirical Controversies in Voting Behavior,”

Electoral Studies 15(3), 1996, pp. 383-98 (with James Granato).    

“The Rationality of Economic Voting Revisited,” Journal of Politics 58(1), February 1996, pp.

224-36 (with Henry W. Chappell, Jr.).

"Evolutionary Voter Sophistication and Political Business Cycles,” Public Choice 81(3‑4),

December 1994, pp. 241‑67.

“Economic Interdependence, Relative Gains, and International Cooperation,” International Studies

Quarterly 38, September 1994, pp. 475‑98.

“Partisan Dealignment and the Dynamics of Independence,” British Journal of Political Science 24

(1), January 1994, pp. 57‑77 (with Harold D. Clarke).

“Domestic Political Determinants of Inflation,” European Journal of Political Research 23 (3),

April 1993, pp.245‑60.

“Aggregate Vote Functions for the U.S. Presidency, Senate, and House,” Journal of Politics 55 (1),

February 1993, pp. 207‑18 (with Henry W. Chappell, Jr.).

“Political Business Cycles in the Public Mind,” American Political Science Review 86 (4),

December 1992, pp.989‑96.

“The Rationality of Economic Voting and the Macroeconomic Regime,” American Journal of

Political Science 35 (3), August 1991, pp. 624‑42.

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